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Our vision is to empower cities around the world with smart ecofriendly system and provide predictive descriptive and prescriptive analytics for each sectors or industries with huge volume of data captured from IoT devices.

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We solve sector-specific problems by combining powerful IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big data technology to meet real-world needs in real-time which will support the sector or Industry to save a lot of hidden expenses and time.

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Quality Product

We do not compromise on quality; our products are certified by various benchmarks.

Experienced Engineers

We have vibrant team of experts who put together design and fabricate our products.

Friendly Technicians

Our technicians are friendly and ready to work 7 days in a week as per clients timing.

Afforable Plans

We have various purchase and rental plans which meets customers requirement.

Smart Analytics

Our software applications do Big queries and facilitate the clients with graphical analytics.

AI Powered Solutions

All our applications and gadgets are powered by Artificial Intelligence to meet futuristic needs.

Our Product

Stayficient- A Complete Hotel Automation Solution

The customer’s perception is your reality Our Creation Is Your Customer’s Perception With no doubt, the Smart Tablet is everything that you need in your hotel rooms to completely satisfy your guests. Reinforced with Artificial Intelligence, the Smart Tablet comes with features similar to that of a remote control, even finer. Controlling every activity of the room now made handy with no hustle for your customers. The environment of your hotel rooms made much compatible and easier than ever to vacation. Your customers can now stream their favourite videos while ordering food and controlling the surrounding of their room, all at the same time using our Smart Tablet.

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Let’s See Our Production Services

Marketing Analysis.

We provide effective solution to identify the potential of any product region-wise.

Product Desinging.

Our design approach is highly professional, user friendly, secure and scalable.

Documentation & Manual Preparation.

The products designed by us are well documented and we provide user manual.

Certification & Legal Formalities

We support our client’s product on legal grounds and standardization certificates..

Product Hosting & Deployment

We do product launch on commercially e-commerce platform as well as exhibition

Letter from the CEO

As the CEO of Crexcorp, I am extremely gratified for the onset of the Company and it's improvised standard so far. As an excellent team we have built an outstanding alliance. Our effecient and organised work plans has always been our effective tool to escalate the company's standard. I feel extremely fortunate to have teamed up with a greatly talented squad of employees and shareholders. They not only stand as the pillars of Crexcorp but also strive through all the uphill battles constructively. Not to forget about our product braced by the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence technology and automation system paving way to us for a remarkable and unique stand in the field of technology. The level of our commitment to customer satisfaction presents to us a conspicuous success not very far ahead. Crexcorp will continue this team spirit and effectual hard work to addressing every minute obligation of the customers and will undoubtedly arrive at our company vision in the nearest future.

~ Jalaluddin Mohd Ansari Shajahan

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